DelCore Shows Reverence for Veterans and Fallen Heroes
October 28, 2019

Dear Editor,

As a former member of the United States Air Force, I know what it takes and means to be a leader and to respect others. A true leader is defined by their character, actions and respect to others at all times, not just when called upon.

This past May, while Hillsborough was honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice at the annual Memorial Day Parade, the Democrat for Township Committee Jeffrey Wright decided it was more important to campaign for office than to show reverence for those who gave their lives for our country.

This disturbed many residents of Hillsborough, not just the veterans. What is more unconscionable is that even when he was asked to remove his signs from the parade route, he and his team refused because it was more important to them to be political than to be leaders.

I am asking all residents to join me in rejecting this sort of behavior and support Mayor Frank DelCore for reelection. Frank has always showed reverence for our veterans and fallen heroes. He is a constant leader for our community and will continue to do so in the future.

Please vote for Mayor DelCore on Nov. 5th and reject the politics we are used to out of Washington.

John Stamler
Hillsborough, NJ

Republican Colleagues Urge Reelection of DelCore
October 28, 2019

Editor’s Note: This letter of endorsement was written by Republican Deputy Mayor Douglas Tomson, Republican Committeeman Shawn Lipani and Republican Committeewoman Gloria McCauley.

As colleagues of Mayor Frank DelCore, who have had the privilege of working with him for the betterment of our community for the last several years, it is our pleasure to endorse him for re-election to the Township Committee this year.

We have been pleased to work as a team with the Mayor to firmly establish a business-like approach to local government, emphasizing fiscal responsibility by controlling expenses, looking for and enacting shared services, and creating efficiencies. Under the leadership of Mayor Frank DelCore, the 2019 budget was once again under the 2% state mandated tax levy cap, the 9th consecutive year the budget was under the 2% cap. Mayor DelCore was also able to achieve the second consecutive year of a decrease of the municipal tax rate.

Mayor DelCore has been a “fiscal watchdog” on the township Committee pushing us to maintain a “pay as you go” program for routine capital expenditures in order to limit our long-term debt burden. This focus on spending and carrying low debt levels has helped us to achieve and maintain our AA+ credit rating. Very few municipalities can tout such an excellent credit profile and Mayor DelCore deserves credit for this achievement.

Mayor DelCore has also been at the forefront of the fight against the state’s mandated affordable housing. Mayor DelCore has personally worked tirelessly with the county to purchase over 700 acres of land slated for development which prevented well over 1000 new homes which would have created more havoc in our underfunded schools.

It would be easy for us to fill numerous pages with the achievements Mayor DelCore has provided to Hillsborough but that is not necessary. It is clear that Mayor Frank DelCore is the only candidate this year for Township Committee with a proven record of accomplishment for our community, and with clear qualifications for and experience in public office. He is also the candidate from whom we can expect further positive results and a continuation of the results-oriented, honest leadership to which Hillsborough residents have become accustomed.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with him on behalf of Hillsborough residents for the next 3 years. We respectfully ask Hillsborough residents to re-elect Mayor Frank DelCore on Nov. 5th.

Democrat Says She’ll Vote for Republican Mayor DelCore
October 25, 2019

To the Editor,

I am a registered Democrat that prides myself on voting for the person I believe is best qualified to do the job in the office being sought, regardless of party affiliation. In the local election for Hillsborough Township Committee, I will absolutely be voting to reelect Mayor Frank DelCore. Local Township government is about having leadership you know you can “trust”: Trust to spend our tax dollars as prudently and efficiently as they would their own; trust that they will act with empathy, but responsibly to make tough decisions based on facts, not emotions; trust that they will always be there for our kids, our seniors, our businesses, our “community”, and putting the interest of Hillsborough first.

I have observed Mayor DelCore’s leadership since he first joined the Township Committee. He continues to do excellent work for Hillsborough. I know I’m not alone when I say there is nobody Hillsborough residents can trust more to lead our Town for the next three years. I sincerely hope my fellow residents will agree with me and vote to reelect Frank DelCore on November 5th.

Carlene Bravo
Hillsborough, NJ

Re-elect Frank DelCore to township committee on Nov. 5
Hillsborough Beacon
October 18, 2019

To the Editor,

I am a proud 32-year resident of Hillsborough Township. Our township’s success has been driven by Mayor Frank DelCore’s sound strategic and fiscally responsible decisions. Frank’s leadership has helped to improve our township and quality of life.

Mayor DelCore has lived in Hillsborough with his family for over 18 years and is deeply rooted in our community, selflessly serving our township. He is intelligent, thoughtful and a true leader with integrity and passionate in his efforts to continually improve our community. Mayor Frank DelCore is a leader serving on the Hillsborough Township Committee for 12 years and as mayor for five years.

Proof of Frank and the Republican Party lead township committee accomplishments to-date include:

  • five consecutive years of reductions or no increases to the municipal tax rates
  • continued purchasing of open space to limit development
  • efforts to minimize the impact to Hillsborough of State mandated affordable housing
  • recognition of the following:
    • Best Places to Live in America – “Money Magazine” (4 times)
    • 2019 Best Towns for Families – “New Jersey Family Magazine”
    • Safest Towns – “StreetWise”
    • 2019 Municipal Innovation Award for “Going Green”

Your vote for Mayor Frank DelCore will ensure our township’s bright future continues uninterrupted.

I ask that you please vote for Frank DelCore on Nov. 5.

Nathan Santaromita
Hillsborough, NJ

I give Mayor Frank DelCore an A+
Hillsborough Beacon
October 18, 2019

To the Editor, 

I am pleased to endorse Mayor Frank DelCore for re–election to the Hillsborough Township Committee. 

Look at his record of accomplishment. 

  • Taxes…The mayor has kept municipal spending under control and has kept the tax rate stable.
  • Open Space…The mayor helped acquire 700 acres that prevented the building of 1000 homes.
  • Road Paving… The mayor planned for the road paving projects now being paved in town.
  • Open Government…The mayor makes sure the government is accountable to its citizens. 
  • Recreation…The mayor partnered with Somerset County to build a beautiful new park. 

With this record, I give Mayor Frank DelCore an A+ for the job he has done for you and me. Mayor Frank DelCore has done an outstanding job and deserves re–election. His experience can‘t be replaced.

Ken Scherer
Former Hillsborough Mayor

DelCore Prioritizes Open Space
October 17, 2019

One of the most successful programs in Hillsborough is the drive to preserve Open Space and Farmland. In this, the largest municipality in the county, over 12,000 acres is safe from future development, thanks to the leadership of Frank DelCore and the Republicans on the Township Committee. Partnering with Somerset County and New Jersey’s Green Acres Program has enabled Mayor DelCore to preserve over ONE THIRD of all land in the township. This has prevented an untold number of houses from being built and helped Hillsborough to remain one of the best places to live.

Please ensure the continuing success of preserving Open Space by supporting Mayor Frank DelCore on November 5.

Helen Haines
Hillsborough, NJ

Hillsborough Resident Credits DelCore for Help Preserving Open Spaces
October 13, 2019

To the Editor,

I am asking my friends and family to join me in supporting the re-election of our mayor Frank DelCore. Our mayor’s vision and insight have consistently made Hillsborough known as one of the best places to live in the country.  I have known and worked with Frank for over 10 years preserving farmland and open space.  Our parks and recreation areas are the best in the county.  

This is in large part due to Frank DelCore! Thank you.

Sam Conard
Hillsborough, NJ

Frank DelCore for Township Committee in Hillsborough
Hillsborough Beacon
October 11, 2019

To the Editor,

Frank DelCore has been a member of the Hillsborough Township Committee for over a decade. Throughout that time, Hillsborough has
kept a tight control on the municipal budget, prudently managing the municipality with a business like approach to government.

His focus on spending for needs, while insuring key services are maintained are part of the fiscal management he brings to the table.

I believe fiscal responsibility for how we spend our local tax dollars is more important than ever.

Frank DelCore’s background in finance, and his experience with local budgeting issues and solutions will insure we minimize spending and get the most of every tax dollar.

Vote for smart spending; Vote for fiscal responsibility; Vote for Frank DelCore for Township Committee on Nov. 5.

Guy Cunningham

Navy Veteran Salutes Efforts of Mayor Frank DelCore
October 3, 2019

I have been fortunate to be a resident for the past 21 years and can’t think of a better place to call home. As a US Navy veteran, I see the care and compassion shown by our current local officials to those who have served, including dedicating the Municipal Complex main road as Veterans Way, and activities such as the Veterans Breakfast that precedes the Memorial Day Parade, in November a Veterans Day Ceremony held in the Garden of Honor, and being designated as the first Purple Heart Community in Somerset County. This is a testament to the efforts of our township leadership including Mayor Frank DelCore who continuously embody the respect of our military service. I encourage residents to turn out and vote for Frank DelCore on November 5th.

Robert Peason
Hoagland Court
Hillsborough NJ

Re-Elect DelCore for Experience & Character
September 28, 2019

I would like to urge my fellow residents to support Mayor Frank DelCore for Hillsborough Township Committee on Nov 5th! As a long-time resident of Hillsborough, I’ve seen many local leaders come and go. Regardless of party, they usually want what is best for Hillsborough and it’s residents. But they have not always had the expertise, knowledge or experience to make the right decisions at the right time. With his corporate background, knowledge of financial matters, and proven experience in local government, Frank DelCore has consistently shown strong leadership, with no personal agenda, other than doing the right thing for the town where he lives with his family. And, as the thousands of residents in the Town who have met him or dealt with him over the years can attest, his character is perhaps his strongest attribute.

With the many challenges Hillsborough faces to keep it a great place to live, a combination of expertise, experience and character is something we cannot afford to lose. Please join me in re-electing Mayor Frank DelCore on November 5th.

Frank Herbert
Hillsborough Resident

Maintaining Hillsborough’s Strong Leadership and Bright Future – Re-Elect Mayor Frank DelCore on Tuesday, November 5th
September 20, 2019

Election Day is less than sixty days away, and Hillsborough’s voters have a choice between Mayor Frank DelCore and his opponent, Jeffrey Wright. The choice, in my opinion is easy and I ask my fellow residents to support Frank DelCore on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

I was born, raised, and educated in Hillsborough Township. Over the course of the past twenty-five years, I have grown to appreciate the Township’s standing as a great place to live, work, and retire. Residents of Hillsborough are fortunate to experience a transparent, proactive and fiscally responsible government. Our Township’s standing as one of the best places to live in the country did not happen by chance and is in large part thanks to the proven, considerate and strong leadership demonstrated by our local elected officials – including Mayor DelCore.

As a young resident, who is fortunate enough to serve on the Township’s Planning Board with Mayor DelCore, I have seen first-hand Frank’s thoughtful approach to planning, governing, and appreciate his mentorship. A consummate public official, Mayor DelCore serves the Township’s residents with our best interests in mind. He is a fierce advocate for the Township and his enthusiasm for serving us is second to none.
Under Mayor DelCore’s leadership, Hillsborough has set itself on a course for a bright a future. I have no doubt that the best is yet to come, and I ask my fellow residents to join me voting to re-elect Frank DelCore for another term on the Township Committee on November 5, 2019.

Sam Weinstein
Hillsborough, NJ

Re-elect Mayor Frank Delcore!
September 20, 2019

I have been a resident of Hillsborough since 1999, and have seen many great changes facilitated by our township committee. One of the impressive things about our community, and the reason that I am proud to call myself a resident of Hillsborough is that our town’s leadership, even in challenging economic times, has continued to be fiscally responsible. Frank Delcore’s productive tenure on the township committee has earned him both respect and trust from our community. Also, shout out to Frank and the other township committee members for working hard in order to for reduce the tax rate for the second year in a row!

Other resent township successes through collaboration are: 1) continued road re-paving in Hillsborough 2) fighting to keep the 206 bypass project moving 3) opening of the Mountain View sports fields/park. These, and many other achievements, are attributed to the township committee, and especially Mayor Frank Delcore!

I want to recognize Frank’s knowledge, expertise, and track record of sound judgement. I am asking residents to join me in voting to re-elect Mayor Frank Delcore on November 5th.

Curt Suraci
Hillsborough, NJ

Failed promises of Assemblymen Zwicker and Freiman
Hillsborough Beacon
September 20, 2019

To the Editor:

Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker, together with Assemblyman Roy Freiman, in their letters published in the Hillsborough Beacon dated Sept. 13, proudly claim to be have worked on a number of pieces of legislation on the environment.

Perhaps someone should let them know that the environment in New Jersey is just fine. Creating laws to solve a problem that does not exist is not only waste of time but increases cost of products and services to the consumers, and makes our industry less competitive globally.

My family and I have lived in Hillsborough for over 30 years and not once have we experienced the threat of polluted drinking water, apart from when there were some repairs being done, or breathed dirty air.  Furthermore, with the polluting industries like the chemical and manufacturing shrinking at a rapid pace in New Jersey, there is less likelihood of the environment being adversely affected. If anything, it will only get better. It makes one wonder the value of legislation that the Assemblymen have been so diligently working on?

Assemblyman Zwicker was elected to control spiraling property taxes, and he specifically stated that in his election brochure that he would work hard to freeze or see a reduction of the property taxes.

Well, while he spent all his precious time working on the environmental issues that don’t exist, the property taxes have just continued to increase, and education costs taking a big chunk of that. Hillsborough in particular has been unfairly treated when it comes to state aid for education. The so called incumbent he defeated was Ms. Donna Simon who was fighting hard to get a fair share of the education funding from Trenton for a number of towns so as to reduce the burden on the property taxes. It is the Democratic Party majority in the New Jersey assembly that failed her.

What is even worse is that Gov. Murphy, instead of increasing education aid to the towns that were undercompensated reduced it further. Hillsborough, for example, will see a reduction of about $500,000 in education funding, which will further put pressure on the property taxes. And yet despite all this, there has not been even a whimper from both the Assemblymen Zwicker and Freiman opposing their governor, who happens to be a Democrat. Since they have both failed to deliver on their promises, they do not deserve to be reelected.

Shangar Nandra
Hillsborough, NJ